Isolated Systems

Most of the Brazilian Electricity System is connected by transmission network, however 1% of the consumers are not connected to the national main grid, this is the Isolated System, which is mostly located in Northern of the country with around 250 cities.

The role of the EPE in the Isolated System consist of evaluate the energy planning presented by distributors for next years. EPE also contributes with the Ministry of Mines and Energy to design the auctions and is responsible for the technical assessment of the projects from the developers who want to take part in the isolated system auctions.

This section presents the reports and studies elaborated by EPE in the scope of the Isolated Systems, as well as general information about their auctions.

Report for Fernando de Noronha Island: Identification of Supply Alternatives - Medium and long term assessment

As part of the Isolated System, the energy generation in Fernando de Noronha is carried out by diesel power plant. The study looks into the energy resources available for energy generation in Fernando de Noronha to reduce its dependence on diesel fuel.