Who we are

The Energy Research Office (EPE in its Portuguese acronym) aims at supporting the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) energy policies with studies and research on energy planning covering electricity, oil, natural gas and its derivatives and biofuels. Our studies cover the areas of engineering, economics, modeling, policy and environment and where they overlap.  

Established by Law  10.847, of March 15, 2004, EPE is 100% state-owned whose purpose is to ensure the basis for the sustainable development of the country's energy infrastructure. EPE's role has been consolidated as a fundamental part of the energy policy design and implementation that begin with the definition of policies and guidelines within the scope of CNPE - National Council of Energy Policy and MME. Our studies and research support the development of the Brazilian energy industry. 

Our work requires broad articulation with a multiple range of institutions whose mandates are related to the energy industry. Besides the MME, our institutional relationships include regulatory agencies - ANEEL, ANP, ANP and ANA, the Independent National Operator of the Electric System – ONS, the Market Operator – CCEE, among others.

Located in Brasilia (headquarters) and Rio de Janeiro (main office), EPE is an organization that has about 350 employees, with graduate-level degree as diverse as Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Biology, Business Administration, among many others and with about 60% of them holding a post-graduate degree.