Special Report: Ex-refinery prices

27/04/2021 - RIO DE JANEIRO – Aiming to clarify the composition of fuel prices and better inform society about various aspects related to the theme, EPE launches a special report on Brazilian ex-refinery prices. Knowing the process of formation of fuel prices is the first step to analyze the real reasons behind its oscillations or even its stability in the face of expectations of reduction. In Brazil, the fuel price for the final consumer is essentially composed of the gross margin of distributors and resellers, taxes, the cost of adding biofuels (when mixed) and the ex-refinery price.

EPE publishes The Indicative Natural Gas Processing and Outflow Plan

11/02/2021 - The Indicative Natural Gas Processing and Outflow Plan (“PIPE” for its acronym in Portuguese) presents the planned and indicative outflow gas pipelines and NGPPs. This study shows projects, on an indicative basis, that may be implemented in the coming years in the country.

EPE publishes Special Report: Oil Price Forecasts 2021-2030

09/02/2021 - RIO DE JANEIRO – The Covid-19 pandemic marked the year 2020, leading to a significant volatility in oil demand, supply and prices. The fight against the virus and ensuing economic crisis led to calls for recovery-programs to be directed towards a less carbon-intensive economy, with the fight against global warming at the background. This would inevitably lead to a peak in oil demand in the near-term and lower oil prices for the foreseeable future.

EPE publishes the "Atlas of Energy Efficiency in Brazil 2020 - Indicators Report"

04/02/2021 - In 2020 the first "Atlas of Energy Efficiency in Brazil - Indicators Report" was published - with analysis up to the year 2018. This document updates and complements, in a more condensed way, the first report with data up to the year 2019.

EPE presents study on renewable fuels for use in diesel cycle engines.

03/02/2021 - The study makes a brief analysis of the characteristics of renewable biofuels for the Diesel cycle (esters and hydrocarbons), evaluating possibilities for diversification and expansion of the renewable portion of diesel B. In addition, it covers aspects of vehicle emissions, also addressing international experiences, and points out the challenges and opportunities of its use for national supply.

COVID-19 OUTLOOK BRAZIL - Impacts on energy markets in Brazil: January – June 2020

21/09/2020 - The acceleration of Covid-19 cases in Brazil since March has had a strong impact on the economy and on the circulation of people and goods.





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