Report for Fernando de Noronha Island: Identification of Supply Alternatives - Medium and long term assessment

Fernando de Noronha is a World Natural Heritage Site with a very rich natural landscape. Due to its distance from the coast, Fernando de Noronha is part of the Isolated Systems, with power supply provided mainly by a diesel fuel thermoelectric plant, which diverges from its standing as a Natural Heritage. 

In the framework of the Isolated Systems supply planning in 2021, the distribution company presented a growth forecast for its consumer market, with a growth around 35% for power demand in Fernando de Noronha from 2020 to 2024, so it is needed to look for supply alternatives in order to avoid using even more diesel on the island. 

Toward that, EPE launched a study to assess the energy resources that can be used to meet the island's demand, seeking to identify those that present technical feasibility for power generation in Fernando de Noronha to fully or partially replace the diesel, taking into account the environmental issue, a factor that should not be ignored for the Fernando de Noronha.