Energy Economics

EPE develops energy economics studies subsidize many energy studies, such as energy demand studies and supply infrastructure expansion planning.

Perspectives of energy prices are also analyzed, with emphasis in studies of competitiveness and impact of international prices on domestic energy prices.

Other studies of growing interest are those related to energy efficiency and distributed energy resources (DER) in which EPE seeks to anticipate changes and to propose actions, based on cost-benefit analysis, allowing the efficient use of DG, energy storage and electric vehicles.

The new role of the consumer, new business models, the decentralization of energy production, the increasing importance of DER and the need for permanent innovation in planning, regulation and public policy are issues with large impact on the planning and operation of power systems. Studies are done to assess the impact of plans and programs that may change the energy market structure. Their objective is to anticipate impacts and discuss ways that encourage a sustainable and efficient development of the Brazilian energy market.