We are presenting a new consultation tool on the website of the Energy Research Office (EPE), which will make the Brazilian energy sector even more transparent and accessible to society: the Geographic Information System of the Brazilian Energy Planning Studies.

EPE, as it does with its annual plans and monthly data on energy consumption, makes this new product available to help you better understand Brazil's energy map with all its diversity, innovation and robustness.

Named as WEBMAP EPE, this new tool allows users to make queries, measurements, views and zooms from a geo-referenced database, which are used in our national energy sector planning studies.

With WEBMAP EPE it is possible to locate the hydroelectric, wind and solar plants; transmission lines; the oil fields, gas; thermoelectric plants, energy substations and biofuel units spread throughout the national territory. In addition, the user can relate this information with cross-cutting themes such as the Environment, especially in relation to protected areas, constituted by conservation units, indigenous or quilombola lands.

Access the WEBMAP EPE