COVID-19 OUTLOOK BRAZIL - Impacts on energy markets in Brazil: January – June 2020

​This EPE publication brings together in one place consolidated data that gives the dimension of the impacts of the pandemic on the energy sector, with highlights on the demands for electricity and main fuels.

From a portrait of the energy sector in 2019, this outlook presents the evolutions of the load and the transportation energy demand over the first months of 2020, allowing a comprehensive understanding of the shock caused by the pandemic.

Electricity demand from the grid, in the first half of the year, was 4.5% lower than that observed in the same period of 2019. May was the month with the most severe reduction, being 11% lower than the same month of last year. Industry and commerce were the most affected sectors.

In transportation energy demand, the most affected energy sources were, respectively, Aviation Kerosene, CNG and hydrous ethanol. In April, the demand in this sector was 27% lower than the same period in 2019. For most fuels, April was the month with the worst impact compared to the previous year, still without full recovery until June.

The outlook also provides an account of how these reductions in energy demand were reflected in terms of GHG emissions in power generation and transportation sectors. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a reduction in GHG emissions worldwide, however this effect is expected to be temporary. Policies and investments in the recovery process may influence the path of emissions in the medium and long term.

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