EPE Launches the Fact Sheet on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

​The Fact Sheet onSustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) has as its main aim to provide relevant information on this subject, with an overview and fundamental concepts, in a visual and synthetic way. According to the international agreements signed by Brazil, from 2027 onwards, the country should use alternatives to reduce carbon emission levels in the aviation sector. This document indicates the importance of sustainable aviation fuels, which are taking more importance around the world, so that this sector can achieve, in the future, the established targets. Here are presented the characterization of SAFs, the authorized production routes in Brazil, the produced volumes worldwide of this fuel up to now, as well as a timeline that demonstrates the most important actions related to the theme.

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Launch of the Fact Sheet on Synthetic Fuels

06/09/2023 - The Fact Sheet on Synthetic Fuels compiles relevant information, in a visual and synthetic way, to introduce concepts on the subject. For the decarbonization of modes of transport that cover long distances (e.g. air, sea and heavy road), it is necessary that energy sources have a high density. Therefore, synthetic fuels are an alternative to fossil analogues.

EPE publishes August 2023 Brazil’s Short-Term Fuel Market Outlook

28/08/2023 - Brazilian liquid fuel demand continues to grow at an accelerated pace, having increased by more than 5% in the last twelve months. Gasoline and diesel are the main drivers of this recent high.

EPE publishes "Fact sheet: Indicative Transmission Gas Pipeline Plan – PIG 2022"

18/08/2023 - The Indicative Transmission Gas Pipeline Plan (PIG 2022) supports the Brazilian natural gas sector´s planning, presenting investment opportunities in transmission natural gas pipelines. In the present document, 5 transmission pipeline alternatives were studied, totaling 1,266 km in length and around BRL 20 billion in estimated costs.

EPE publishes June 2023 Brazil’s Short-Term Fuel Market Outlook

16/06/2023 - Brazilian demand for fuel will keep growing in 2023 and 2024 and the main reasons are the growth of agribusiness (with record crop projections for 2022/23) and mobility. In the June edition, EPE projects growth for 2023 of 1.8% of diesel oil demand, 0.3% in gasoline, 5.2% in hydrous ethanol, 8% in Jet, and a 1.3% growth in LPG.

Energy Transition Program

07/06/2023 - The Energy Research Office (EPE), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) developed the Energy Transition Program. The objective of the project was to create a stakeholder forum to disseminate and discuss long-term energy transition scenarios in Brazil and to develop long-term energy scenarios based on an independent and neutral stakeholder forum.