Supply of Oil and its Products

Given oil´s importance to energy security, EPE has an area responsible for analyzing the supply and logistics of oil and its products. EPE´s fields of activity cover national and international price projections, world demand outlook for the main oil products, national supply and demand forecasts, logistics and infrastructure analysis, among others.

Trends and recent developments are constantly being monitored in order to support our price projections. The evolution of the petroleum industry and markets globally, geopolitical aspects and their impacts locally are also regularly being examined.

Sensitivity analyses are carried out on current and prospective refineries and natural gas processing plants, their processing capacities, production levels and product qualities. Along with demand forecasts, these allow the government to anticipate eventual shortages or surpluses on any given product. The allocation of the projected demand to distribution bases, the logistical costs associated with adequately supplying these bases and the evaluation of the existing transport infrastructure are also objects of study.

EPE publishes the International Petroleum Industry report semiannually. The report contains research about the national and global oil industry, as well as a summary of the main statistics, along with the key facts and events over the period. Every edition also presents a detailed overview of a particular country or region. Furthermore, EPE periodically analyses the regulatory frameworks of selected countries in order to improve the domestic environment. Among those countries are Angola, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil, amidst others.