EPE conducts studies on the total supply of ethanol, including sugar and sugarcane production, the evolution of production parameters, production capacity, infrastructure and logistics, as well as the new technologies penetration in the sector, such as energy cane, 2G ethanol and corn ethanol. The projections of the ethanol supply are carried out in an integrated way with the Otto Cycle demand.


It projects bioelectricity production derived from sugarcane, considering the technical potential and the historical evolution of the energy export extracted from bagasse to the Interconnected National System - SIN. It evaluates the use of straw in cogeneration and its expansion, in addition to the entry of new biomasses, such as vinasse´s biogas and filter cake. It monitors the cane biomass energy injected into the SIN and the bagasse energy consumption by sector.

Otto Cycle demand

EPE makes the forecasts of the fuel demand for ethanol and gasoline C, as well as estimates of the national fleet profile based on light vehicle licensing and autonomy evolution (including for new vehicle Technologies, such as hybrid and electric cars). The projections are carried out in an integrated way with the ethanol supply and considers the consumer preference between the biofuel and the fossil derivative. It also monitors the automobile market and aspects related to mobility, pertinent legislation, government programs and hydrated ethanol and gasoline C prices and the EP/GP (Ethanol Price/Gasoline Price) ratio of the federation units. 


EPE elaborates the projections of biodiesel supply and demand, as well as monitors and evaluates several parameters related to production inputs, processing capacity, soy complex, methanol consumption, co-product generation, auctions and vegetable oil prices. 

International Market

Follow-up of monthly exports/imports of ethanol, sugar and biodiesel and their inputs, such as soybean oil and methanol. In addition, the main players in these markets are evaluated, in terms of both export/import, and their policies to encourage biofuels. It undertakes the ethanol import and export projections. 

New Biofuels

EPE carries out studies on new biofuels, such as 2G ethanol, biogas, aviation biokerosene and advanced diesel.