Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production (E&P)

EPE is responsible for Brazil´s hydrocarbon resources appraisal, as well as for evaluating each area in the country concerning its hydrocarbon exploration and production potential. Geological, socio-environmental and economic analyses are executed, resulting in oil and gas  production forecasts as well as estimates for investments and equipment demand, among others.

The National Zoning of Oil and Gas Resources, published biennially, is a comprehensive appraisal of all Brazilian sedimentary basins, based on play analysis approach, in order to identify and classify effectively attractive areas with respect to their hydrocarbon potential.

Aiming to support the country´s oil and gas sector planning, EPE has the mission of identifying and quantifying potential energy resources. Production forecasts are made for each  resource class: commercial (reserves), discovered resources still under evaluation (contingent) and undiscovered resources (prospective, contracted as well as uncontracted). Based on this information and analysis indicators can be calculated to help managing Brazil´s reserves-to-production ratio.

Additionally, estimates for investment in E&P activities and for new stationary production units are also undertaken in order to assess future production feasibility requirements.

Within the scope of the strategic socio-environmental studies, the first Environmental Assessments of Sedimentary Areas (AAAS) are being carried out. These seek to reconcile the development of future oil and natural gas activities with regional socio-environmental aspects. An inter-ministerial group is conducting the evaluations with the participation of EPE. These assessments are important in subsidizing governmental action, and to increase legal security in environmental licensing.