Green Economy Studies

Among works carried out by EPE aiming the development of sustainability practices in the energy sector are studies on the maintenance of the low carbon energy matrix. These studies include analyses on the challenges and potential impacts of the introduction of carbon pricing mechanisms in the Electric Sector, mechanisms to support renewable energies development and the surveys on methodologies for evaluating externalities of energy generation. The objective here is to consider the externalities of each energy source and to help to set correct prices for them (according to the specificity and location of the environmental impact) and to achieve a more efficient energy market.

Another important field of study lies in the interface between environmental requirements and project financeability. The objective of the studies is to provide instruments within the concept of green/sustainable finance which potentially facilitate green bonds issuing and other forms of financing that incorporate socioenvironmental issues, improving the attractiveness of energy sector projects.

In addition, EPE is searching deepen on Ecosystem Services intending to incorporate this concept into the evaluation of the socioenvironmental impacts of energy sector projects and, in the future, also into planning studies of generation expansion.