Ethanol supply scenarios and Otto cycle demand

The Ethanol Supply Scenarios and Otto Cycle Demand is a document prepared by the Biofuels Area of the Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Department of EPE. With this study, EPE aims to contribute to the identification of opportunities and threats to the domestic supply of Otto cycle light-duty vehicles (ethanol and automotive gasoline), as well as for the discussion about public policy alternatives.

The document presents ethanol supply scenarios and its consequences for the Otto cycle demand and for the national balance of gasoline type A up to the horizon of 2030.


In this edition, some specific assumptions were explained and a second trajectory was inserted for certain variables in the scenario of high growth in the ethanol supply, due to the rapid processing of the National Biofuel Policy (RenovaBio).

In addition, the document included the presentation of sugarcane bioelectricity supply exported to the National Interconnected System and the biogas production potential for each scenarios elaborated, as well as an estimate of the contribution of the sugar-energy sector to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emission in the Energy Sector and an assessment of the associated investments.