Technical Report - Transmission System Planning Studies 2018 Program

05/01/2018 - EPE presents the “Transmission Expansion Planning Studies – 2018 Program”. The list contains valuable information for the agents and to the general public such as the study motivation and the regions that are being assessed. There are 43 scheduled studies 29 of which are already in progress.

Technical Report - Brazilian Electricity Auctions in 2017

28/12/2017 - In December 2017 the contracting of energy from new power generation plants in Brazil was resumed, with two auctions that took place under the guidelines of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME): the A-4 auction and A-6 auction.

Technical Report - The Transmission Auction Nº 02/2017 and the Planning Studies

18/12/2017 - This report summarizes the outcome of last transmission auction held on December 15th, showing the favourable impacts on the Brazilian power system as a result of the planning process carried out by EPE.

Investing in Renewables in Latin America

23/11/2017 - On 22nd November, Ambassador Eduardo dos Santos, together with the UK Minister for Trade & Export Promotion, Baroness Fairhead, opened the seminar 'Investing in Renewables in Latin America'.

The Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options 2017 held November 16

17/11/2017 - The Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options 2017 held in November 16-17 was attended by more than 150 high-level representatives from the gas industry in the region. The conference´s main goal was to map the opportunities and challenges of the industry in different countries of the region, as well as to identify the actions to promote development in this sector.

President Luiz Augusto Barroso participated in the Norwegian-Brazilian Electricity Market Seminar

14/11/2017 - The Brazilian electricity sector must maintain its low carbon matrix in the future - and renewable energy sources are the means to achieve this goal.





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