EPE publishes Technical Note – Analysis Of Biofuels' Current Outlook – Year 2020

Analysis Of Biofuels' Current Outlook twelfth edition presents relevant facts of the biofuels market that took place in 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the demand for fuels, including biofuels. The year was marked by historical records for sugar and biodiesel production. RenovaBio had its effective beginning, with the CBIO commercialization on Brazilian stock exchange. Actions for the dissemination of new biofuels such as biogas, green diesel, biojet fuel, and hydrogen have been intensifying.

This year's article analyzes the potential contribution of biofuels sector to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the UN 2030 Agenda, through the analysis of biodiesel production and its interrelationship with family farming, in the scope of the PNPB (National Programme of Production and Use of Biodiesel).

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