Webinar: Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency

In partnership with EPE and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, IEA will promote a webinar on Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency  This webinar is part of the scope of the joint work plan of Brazil and the IEA and will be held in September 19th,from 10:00 to 11:00 (Brasilia time), from the from the IEA's headquarters in Paris, France. The presentations will be conducted in English only, by IEA's energy efficiency expert Kathleen Gaffney. The webinar is open to the public interested in the topic.

To attend, please register at the following link:


Additional data can be find in the webinar invitation.

If it's convenient, participants can also join EPE in a special room prepared for this webinar in our office in Rio de Janeiro. In this case, you need to register in advance by e-mail, writing to secretaria.dea@epe.gov.br.

The traditional focus on energy savings as the main goal of energy efficiency policy has, at times, led to an underestimation of the full value of energy efficiency in both national and global economies. Energy efficiency can bring multiple benefits, such as enhancing the sustainability of the energy system, supporting strategic objectives for economic and social development, promoting environmental goals and increasing prosperity. In this webinar, issues as improving air quality, more affordable energy and energy system resilience will be discussed. As this webinar helps to  build knowledge of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, it can demonstrate how policy makers and other stakeholders can use existing tools to measure and maximise the benefits they seek. By identifying and quantifying a broader range of impacts of energy efficiency, the multiple benefits approach repositions energy efficiency as a mainstream tool for economic and social development, and has the potential to motivate higher uptake of energy efficiency opportunities in the market.

In 2014, IEA published a report entitled "capturing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency" and it it is available at https://webstore.iea.org/capturing-the-multiple-benefits-of-energy-efficiency.

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