Data for Electrical Simulations of SIN

The configuration of the power grid represented in the transmission studies is continuously updated based on the results of the regional transmission expansion studies (R1 Reports), transmission projects already tendered and those already indicated for auctions, market projections and generation plan and exchange requirements among subsystems.

As a result, EPE prepares and makes available to the electric sector:

  • the power flow database in the format of the ANAREDE of Cepel  program corresponding to three load levels, two hydraulicity scenarios of the North region, within the 10-year horizon, so that any agent can carry out their studies of interest;

  • the dynamic database, compatible with the power flow database, in the format of the ANATEM program of Cepel; and

  • the short-circuit database in the format of the program ANAFAS of Cepel for calculation of the situations of maximum and minimum short circuit of the system.